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Benevolent Care Enriches our Community

Capitol Lakes Resident Services Director, Natasha Killian, knows every Independent Living Resident on campus. As a trained social worker, she helps residents navigate issues at Capitol Lakes and bureaucracies in the larger community. She is an indefatigable advocate – guiding residents during the initial excitement of moving in and working with them as their care needs change in later years. In short, she is there through it all to support our residents and enhance their living experience.

One of the resources she is most grateful for is the Benevolent Care program at Capitol Lakes. This program tries to ensure that no resident needs to leave their home due to financial hardship. “The Benevolent Care program protects the quality of life for our residents and friends,” recounts Killian. “The thought of a person in her 90’s having to leave her home, friends, and community is devastating. Those moves kill people.”

Killian recalls one former resident who has since passed away who received help from the program. “This particular resident was so grateful to receive help from the Benevolent Care program, but really she gave back to the Capitol Lakes community in so many ways. She pulled people together and made Capitol Lakes a better place. The Benevolent Care program not only helped her, but by keeping her here it enriched the entire community.”

Your Capitol Lakes Foundation is proud to provide an annual grant to offset the total cost of this program. With your support, we’ve provided peace of mind to our neighbors in need and their families while enhancing the living experience for everyone who calls Capitol Lakes home. “I saw firsthand how my dear friend supported others at Capitol Lakes,” Killian said. “Whether it was baking cookies for friends or remembering a birthday by calling to sing or putting up a great new display for everyone to enjoy her kind heart left everyone happier. If she had left, it would not only have been sad for her but for those others here who loved her and counted on her. I so appreciate all those who give so generously to the Benevolent Care program because from my perspective it helps all the residents I serve.”

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