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Honoring Commitment: 3rd Annual Legacy Society Celebration

Updated: Jun 1

In late April, the Capitol Lakes Foundation Board of Directors was honored to host our Legacy Society members and their families for an event honoring their commitment to Capitol Lakes. We were particularly pleased to recognize and welcome four new members since our 2022 Celebration!

By including the Capitol Lakes Foundation in their estate plans our Legacy Society members are making a big difference for those who will live and work here decades from now. With commitments and realized gifts totaling nearly $1.5 million our 36 Legacy Society members ensure that programs and services will continue well into the future. Thanks to their gifts and commitments, 30 years from now:

  • Benevolent Care will continue to be available for residents in need

  • Staff support programs will continue to retain great team members

  • Community Impact grants will be distributed to help neighbors outside our doors

  • Resident Life funds will continue to enhance the living experience for those who call Capitol Lakes home and

  • Resources will be available to help those that come after us meet needs and crises we can’t imagine today.

If you are interested in joining our Legacy Society members protect the vibrancy of the Capitol Lakes community for decades to come please contact Foundation Director, Lenee Kruse, at or learn more at

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