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Keeping FAITH at Capitol Lakes

As you know, recruiting and retaining the best staff possible supports a high quality of life for all who call Capitol Lakes home. One way that we show how much we value our wonderful staff is through the Financial Assistance in Times of Hardship (FAITH) program. Thanks to the incredible generosity of people like you, the Capitol Lakes Foundation launched the FAITH program nearly ten years ago to lend a hand to staff who face unexpected challenges and need a little help.

Through the FAITH program, we've helped staff who faced serious illnesses. One year we helped a staff member after a fire in their home. When disruption early in the COVID pandemic led to some staff being furloughed, the FAITH program covered the employee portion of their health insurance. That made sure that no one lost benefits during a public health emergency.

For example, read what Capitol Lakes' Human Resources Director Steve Mellstrom wrote to me last December:

One of the FAITH fund recipients dropped off a homemade note thanking the Capitol Lakes FAITH Program for the assistance she received.  Because of the FAITH fund, her undrivable car was able to be fixed.  It is wonderful for both her and Capitol Lakes that the Foundation was able to help her as it is her only transportation and she works hours that do not work with the bus schedule.

Without YOU this person wouldn't have been able to make it into Capitol Lakes.  Only YOU can ensure that assistance will continue to reach staff when they need it most by making a contribution before June 30th.

Thanks to an anonymous donor the first $20,000 in gifts received this month will be matched ~ DOUBLING the impact of your gift!!

The Financial Assistance in Times of Hardship program keeps great people at Capitol Lakes and allows them to focus on their important job instead of worrying about where they and their families are going to sleep that night, if their utilities will stay connected, or how they will get to work.  You can continue to keep FAITH with them with a gift before June 30th.  Here is what your support means to our exceptional team:

Thanks for all you do to keep great staff working here to enhance the living experience for our residents. You can make your donation here.

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