Sales Benefit Residents, Families, and Staff:

Updated: Jan 25

Deb Pulvermacher is the Medical Records Assistant for Capitol Lakes’ Health Center. She is also an involved great-aunt always on the look-out for special gifts for her niece and nephew.

Recently Deb found that something special at a sale sponsored by your Capitol Lakes Foundation. Her niece and nephew’s art teacher introduces her students to the great artists of the world starting in Kindergarten. So when Deb found a Picasso lithograph at a recent sale she knew it would mean a lot to them. “They were so excited to get the lithograph,” recounts Pulvermacher, “they had an argument on the way home about who it belongs to!”

Before being enjoyed by two budding art enthusiasts, the lithograph belonged to a Capitol Lakes resident. The Foundation has accepted in-kind gifts of furniture, working electronics, and art since 2019.

“I started helping with the sales because I feel strongly about the Foundation’s mission to serve our residents and wanted to help raise money to fund Foundation programs,” says Rose Brewer – Executive Assistant at Capitol Lakes. “What I found was that the impact of these sales went well beyond fundraising. Because we only open our sales to staff, our team is able to purchase items for their homes and gifts for their kids at steep discounts. These sales have been so appreciated and have become one more way we can give back to our great team. I think it also means a lot to our residents and their families that the pieces they have treasured – sometimes over a lifetime – find good homes.”

The Picasso lithograph has found a second life over the fireplace at the home of Pulvermacher’s niece and nephew. As she wrote to Brewer, “Thank you to whoever had the lithograph, it has found a very happy home.”

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