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'Step Into Spring' Walking Challenge Promotes Health and Wellness

Emily Ingalls is the Wellness Manger at Capitol Lakes. Promoting healthy habits for Capitol Lakes residents and older adults is her constant focus. "While it's important to be active at all stages in your life, it's really essential as we age," says Ingalls. "That's why my team was so excited to partner with the Capitol Lakes Foundation on the 'Step Into Spring' Walking Challenge."

'Step Into Spring' challenges Capitol Lakes residents to walk 1 mile or 30 minutes at least three times a week. Each week participants are sent a different walking route of 1 - 2 miles round trip to try.

"Your competition is holding me accountable," says Capitol Lakes resident Craig Williams. "I love to walk, but it's easy to find excuses. This challenge is making sure I find time each day to get out."

'Step Into Spring' will continue through Saturday, April 24th and will culminate with a gathering in the Grand Hall the following week to draw the names of two residents who will win prizes. Thanks to you, your Capitol Lakes Foundation enhances the living experience by promoting health and wellness for our residents.

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