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Against All Odds: $10,000 Legacy Society Challenge Match UNLOCKED!

In November 2019 your Foundation came to you with a challenge from two anonymous donors who wanted to help sustain and grow the Foundation into the future. They pledged $1,000 in the name of any individual or couple who joined the Foundation’s Legacy Society in the next year up to a total of $10,000.

We were halfway to our goal when the pandemic shut down the Capitol Lakes community as well as our larger community. The Legacy Society challenge match was shelved as we scrambled to meet the unexpected and critical needs of our residents and staff.

In July - after approving a $10,000 grant to upgrade our internal television service thanks to an endowment established by former Capitol Lakes resident Paul Gauger 20 years ago - we came back to you to see if it was possible to realize the final $5,000 of our challenge match.

In less than 4 months you resoundingly answered the call allowing us to put resources back into the Capitol Lakes community immediately while simultaneously helping those living and working at Capitol Lakes with crises they may be facing 20 years from now.

The way the Capitol Lakes community has rallied together this year has offered hope and inspiration in otherwise difficult and troubling times. Thank you for providing for Capitol Lakes today—and tomorrow.

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