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An Interview with Capitol Lakes Residents Doug & Norma Madsen

Lenee Kruse, Foundation Director (LK): When did you move to Capitol Lakes?

Doug Madsen (DM): Norma and I have lived at Capitol Lakes since April 2018. We are glad we made the decision to move here and sell the house we had called “home”.

LK: How did you learn about the Capitol Lakes Foundation?

Norma Madsen (NM): Soon after we moved in here, I remember attending a coffee for new residents where I met Jeanne Silverberg. She talked so enthusiastically about the Capitol Lakes Foundation that I decided to look into how this Foundation contributes toward making Capitol Lakes a compassionate community not only for future residents, but for those of us living here now.

LK: Why did you decide to support the Capitol Lakes Foundation?

DM: Norma convinced me that we should consider contributing to the Capitol Lakes Foundation now, while living here, not to just name it among others in our wills.

NM: So we did begin to give by making tributes to new friends here at Capitol Lakes when they died – as Jeanne Silverberg did too soon after we moved here. We also wanted to express our gratitude for the excellent food service staff who make this such a good place to live and all the staff who work together to serve us every day throughout the year.

LK: What prompted you to take the next step and join the Capitol Lakes Foundation’s Legacy Society?

DM: Norma convinced me. She can be pretty persuasive!

NM: So can you! After living here awhile, it became obvious how important the staff is to keeping Capitol Lakes such a good place to be living this chapter of our lives. We decided to amend our Residence and Care Agreement to leave a portion of our entrance fee to the Foundation. We later amended the agreement again to leave a larger percentage to the Foundation because we had provided for our family in our wills. Giving a larger amount of our entrance fee to the Capitol Lakes Foundation was an easy way we could give back to the community we now call home.

LK: Norma, you later became a Resident Director on the Capitol Lakes Foundation Board. What made you want to serve?

NM: When [Capitol Lakes resident and former Board Director] Don Snyder encouraged me to run for the open seat on the Capitol Lakes Foundation Board, I accepted. I’m learning how the Capitol Lakes Foundation – as the charitable arm of Capitol Lakes – can provide benevolent care to residents who are living longer than they planned or saved for. The Foundation is also able to provide intergenerational activities with local organizations like Madison Youth Choirs, Omega School, the Mann and Sanchez Scholars, as well as facilitate intergenerational volunteer opportunities through RSVP Dane. Very important to me also was to learn about the FAITH component of the Foundation or the Financial Assistance in Times of Hardship program for our Capitol Lakes staff. I also appreciate what we do for scholarships for those who are attending university while working here part time at our Health Center or serving us our meals.

DM: I know I’m glad you convinced me to support the Foundation and am proud of your work on the Board. I like to hear the stories and see the thank you notes you share with me. I’m glad we’re living here at Capitol Lakes.

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