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Dispelling Skepticism: Shedding Fresh Light on New Technology

Kjersti Beth has worked at Capitol Lakes for 13 years. Starting her Capitol Lakes career as a receptionist at the front desk, she has served as an Admissions Assistant and Quality Assurance Liaison since 2013.

Over the years, Kjersti has consistently taken the initiative to grow both personally and professionally. Thanks to you, we were able to support her drive by providing her a professional development scholarship so that she could attend the Wisconsin Association for Healthcare Quality’s (WAHQ) Fall Conference. This year’s conference focused on healthcare empowerment in the digital age. Here is what Kjersti had to say about what she learned:

I have been leery (and sometimes skeptical) of the powers of machine learning and how it can truly benefit society, but the speaker’s at WAHQ gave me some greater insight into how to develop a ‘digital mindset’ and continue to embrace new ways of thinking in healthcare. Artificial intelligence is here and it’s nothing to fear. With the help of technology doing some of the ‘busy work’, that will free up our minds to innovate, to engage, and to make better connections with our patients, our residents, and each other.

Kjersti went on to enumerate several concrete action steps she plans to implement and several other ideas she can’t wait to explore. Your investment in her professional development is sure to pay significant dividends for Capitol Lakes and the residents we serve. Kjersti summed up her gratitude to you this way:

“Thank you again for giving me opportunities to grow professionally not only within the Capitol Lakes community, but personally and intellectually as well.”

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