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Legacy Society Spotlight: Michael and Rima Apple

Michael and Rima moved to Capitol Lakes in 2021 and joined the Legacy Society in 2023.  Here is why they decided to join:

Capitol Lakes has proven to be a caring community, one that we both value.  The phrase ‘caring community’ speaks to the very nature of it.  It is characterized by lasting friendships, substantive and varied cultural and intellectual experiences, and an ethic of responsiveness and respect among the residents and the staff.  The Capitol Lakes Foundation plays a crucial role in all of this.  We both feel an ethical and personal responsibility to give something back so that the Foundation can continue its important commitments.

Legacy Society Members have made a commitment to the future of Capitol Lakes by including the Foundation in their estate plans. If you’re interested in learning more or if you would like to join the Legacy Society please contact Foundation Director, Lenee Kruse, at 608-283-2013 or by email at You can also fill out an Intention of Planned Giving form here.

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