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You DOUBLED Tuition Assistance!

In June we came to you with a request from Mark Shaffar, an RN in Capitol Lakes Health Center. Throughout the pandemic, Mark showed up to care for patients despite the risks. As he said, “I work at Capitol Lakes because people here come first. The staff care about each other and we care about our residents. We have been through a lot with Covid-19, but we did it together.”

So when Mark approached the Foundation about doubling Tuition Assistance reimbursement rates we knew that you would want us to take action. During the month of June we had a goal to raise $20,000 to raise these rates starting in the Fall semester.

Thanks to your incredible generosity, we doubled that amount raising over $40,000!

Your generosity means that we will be able to increase tuition assistance rates for the Fall 2021 semester. And your support means so much to our team here at Capitol Lakes. Check out this video from Mark appreciating your dedication:

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