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Cultivating Kindness: 2023 Fall Forum

On November 17, 2023, 96 residents and supporters gathered in the Grand Hall to learn how their kindness made a difference this year. Guests watched a video and heard from speakers like Dr. Ann Braus who thanked donors for their support of Interprofessional Post Acute Care Education in the Health Center. Dr. Braus shared information on the program and it's trifecta of beneficiaries: our community by training the next generation of doctors and medical professionals; our staff who are able to learn from regular educational tutorials; and our residents who benefit from an informed care team holistically taking care of them.

Later, our Home Care Manger Victoria Buechner relayed how she was finally able to pursue her goal of obtaining her 'Senior Advisor Certificate' thanks to all those who so generously give to the Foundation's Staff Support Fund. While she had wanted to obtain this certification for the last six years, it wasn't until she came to Capitol Lakes that she found the funding to make it a reality.

Finally, our Activities Director Dawn Vandre gave guests a sneak peak of a new music therapy program we plan to fund in 2024 with your continued help. Thanks to your on-going support, music therapists will come to Capitol Lakes and work with our memory care residents on 'music and reminiscence' as well as host a cardio drumming group for any interested Assisted Living, Health Center, or Independent Living residents. Finally, for those with a loved one experiencing memory issues your support will fund a presentation on how they can use music to interact with those they love.

Your support of the Capitol Lakes Foundation puts kindness into action. If you would like to continue cultivating kindness in 2024 consider a donation here. We're already looking forward to sharing your impact at our next Forum in November 2024!

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