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Legacy Gift Positively Impacts Capitol Lakes Residents in 2023

Thursday mornings on Ivy, Capitol Lakes’ Memory Care floor, residents gather for an interactive program provided by the TNW Ensemble Theater here in Madison. Over ten weeks co-founders Danielle Dresden and Donna Peckett present a program involving music, art, and sensory stimulation.

Danielle and Donna began their second session at Capitol Lakes with the song “Getting to Know You” before doing a series of seated group exercises. After ‘warming up’ Danielle and Donna initiated a conversation about the seasons, drawing out residents individually to share childhood memories from their favorite seasons. Summer – playing tag with friends – and the ice cream truck were among the most popular responses.

TNW Ensemble Theater is able to offer these roughly one-hour sessions to facilities like Capitol Lakes at an incredibly low cost thanks to their generous supporters including the Madison Community Foundation. Your Capitol Lakes Foundation was able to cover their small remaining fee because of an endowment created by a family dedicated to providing expressive therapy to residents. Through creative activities like the ones Danielle and Donna provide, expressive therapy helps people process feelings and memories that may be difficult for them to convey verbally.

The generosity and foresight of this family – along with the Madison Community Foundation and other supporters of TNW Ensemble Theater - is having a tremendously positive impact for Capitol Lakes memory care residents in 2023.

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