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Additional Tech Support for Capitol Lakes Residents is a “Godsend”

Capitol Lakes resident, MJ Wiseman, still has her mother’s 1923 typewriter just in case she needs it.

“In terms of technology, I am on the cusp,” recounts Wiseman. “As with the majority of Capitol Lakes residents, I didn’t grow up with tech and mostly had to learn it on the fly as I progressed in my career. And of course as technology continues to advance I’m still learning.”

One recent transition included trading in her flip phone of 20 years for an iPhone or as Wiseman describes it “a computer that makes phone calls.” She decided on the iPhone at the urging of her friends who said she could use it in combination with her iPad. The only issue? The devices refused to communicate with each other.

That’s when she decided to take advantage of the drop-in IT help the Capitol Lakes Foundation provides free of charge to residents twice weekly. The Foundation contracts with Donald Rosby of DANEnet to assist residents with problems they may be experiencing with their laptops, cell phones, tablets, or other portable devices.

“Donald is a Godsend,” says Wiseman. “He is so patient and calm. He knows how to ask the right questions to find a solution to your problem. And I was particularly impressed that even though he’s just here a few days a week he remembered my name when I had to drop in a second time with a different issue.”

Donald can be found in the Grand Hall or Encore Room each Monday and Friday from 1 – 3pm through at least the end of June. Wiseman encourages residents with tech questions or problems to seek him out. “From my own experience and watching him work with others, Donald connects and communicates well with older adults. I’m grateful to the Foundation for providing a service that really is essential for those of us who live at Capitol Lakes.”

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