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Cultivating Kindness Through Music: The Dave Wells Story

Dave Wells began playing the accordion when he was 12, but soon after picking it up decided to take a break from music. At the age of 67, after a 55-year hiatus, he took up playing instruments again.

By the time he came to Capitol Lakes as a rehab patient in 2021 he was playing a variety of instruments and also writing his own music.

“I felt blessed to come to Capitol Lakes when I needed rehab,” recounts Wells. “The therapists in particular were great – they were caring, took their time, and always explained what they were doing. The food was outstanding and overall it was a friendly place where staff really knew me. I thought to myself, ‘Could this be heaven?’ and felt inspired to write a song about my experience here.”

Dave began sharing his song – and other favorites – with residents and patients in the Health Center.

“Dave’s music really brightened the days for residents on the floor,” remembers Dawn Vandre, Capitol Lakes’ Activity Director. “Many of our patients end up here after an unexpected illness or accident and it can be a stressful time. But Dave’s music and outgoing demeanor brought out a lot of smiles. When it was time for him to go home, I knew our residents would miss his impromptu concerts and greetings. So I was beyond grateful when he agreed to come back as a volunteer musician.”

Dave now regularly drives the hour from his home to Capitol Lakes to share his musical talent with residents in the Health Center and Assisted Living. The kindness he shows through his music brings a tremendous amount of joy to the Capitol Lakes community.

Thank you for cultivating kindness through music, Dave! #NSNCW

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