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Free Drop-In Tech Support "Has become indispensable"

Thanks to your support, the Capitol Lakes Foundation has been able to offer FREE drop-in tech support to residents every Friday afternoon from 1 - 3pm. So far, in fiscal year 2024 we've provided over 45 hours of help to 66 individual residents. Each week a survey is sent to gauge satisfaction. Here is a snapshot of what we've heard so far this year:

Any other comments to share?

I've made at least 5 visits seeking help. Thank you!

The problem was solved in less than 10 minutes.

Thank you for this valuable service. Very good to have it on hand as a benefit/service to residents.

I'll be back

Just keep wonderful service going!

The tech rep was very knowledgeable and helpful.

In terms of continuing the service, that's a yes, yes, yes!

Service was provided in a kind, patient and respectful manner....much appreciated.

Tech rep is a terrific listener and problem solver. Calm and focused.

Has become indispensable - - George Johnson

Very happy with tech help!

This service is very important for residents

So reassuring that questions (large or small) can very likely be answered!

If this service was not offered I probably would have nothing electronic hooked up

Very helpful. The tech rep can handle a variety of problems. Please keep her coming

Thanks for this level of tech help.

Please just keep this service available to us - it is much appreciated by us non-computer geeks!

The most reassuring part was knowing someone was able to offer advice.

It is comforting to know the service is available even if we don't need to use it

Tech rep is extremely helpful. She listens carefully. Also she is a delight.

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