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Ping Pong Table Finds Forever Home

Thanks to your support, residents have been able to play ping pong most Friday afternoons since 2022 in Capitol Lakes’ Grand Hall.  Each week Foundation Director, Lenee Kruse, would arrive a little before 1pm to set up the table.  After residents played for about an hour, Kruse would pack up the table and store it away until the following Friday.  While the games were always fun, the table was only available for a short time each week and the communal space sometimes posed challenges – like when ping pong balls rolled under the piano!

During National Skilled Nursing Care week (May 12 – May 18, 2024) the Foundation took the table ‘on the road’ and set up on the Plaza Level of Capitol Lakes – by Bucky! – so that any interested staff member or resident could play during this special week of recognizing the significant role skilled nursing centers play in the lives of older adults. 

Throughout the week residents were able to enjoy pick-up games.  The Physical Therapy team also took advantage – using the table to play games with some of their patients.  And our staff also got to play on their breaks or after their shifts.  As one resident noted:

The staff are really enjoying the ping pong location by the Bucky Badger. The Seasons servers play when they get off duty. It is really fun to watch them.

The positive response was so overwhelming it begged the question – why take the table down? 

The Capitol Lakes Foundation ping pong table – purchased in early 2020 right before the pandemic – has finally found it’s forever home.  Now residents, their families, physical therapy patients, and Capitol Lakes staff members can consistently enjoy the numerous physical and mental benefits of table tennis while simply having fun with friends. 

The Capitol Lakes Foundation is immensely grateful to our donors for making this possible for our community.  Together, we enhance the living experience.



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