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Maintaining Partnerships through Covid: Building Bridges Across Generations

Updated: Jun 25

For years prior to the pandemic Madison Youth Choirs (MYC) organized an Intergenerational Choir at Capitol Lakes that brought together our residents and their young singers. Former Capitol Lakes Foundation Board Director, Don Snyder, has been a longtime member of the Intergenerational Choir and supporter of MYC.

“I loved singing in the Intergenerational Choir and appreciated that MYC would provide this opportunity for connection across generations,” says Snyder. “I’m also grateful to our Foundation here at Capitol Lakes for their annual gift to MYC even through the pandemic when circumstances prevented the choir from meeting and practicing together.”

“The Foundation’s Board felt strongly that we should continue to support Madison Youth Choirs through Covid,” recounts Lenee Kruse, Director of the Capitol Lakes Foundation. “Our first gifts reflected our gratitude for the joy MYC brought to many residents who live here and later signified our belief that providing these intergenerational opportunities benefits our larger community here in Dane County as well. While the choir hasn’t been able to meet in person since March 2020 we’re proud to continue supporting this important partnership on behalf of our entire community.”

The Foundation’s gift to MYC helps support tuition assistance for families that need help. According to MYC’s recent newsletter, last year they were able to fund 100% of the financial need requested.

“We’re so pleased that our gift could help so many kids across Madison,” continues Kruse, “and look forward to the day when it’s safe for us to sing together across generations again.”

For his part, Snyder is also looking forward to the choir resuming. “It will be a good day when I can again sing with my friends of all ages. In the meantime, it means a lot to know that financial need isn’t preventing any child from growing their love of music. I’m glad that Capitol Lakes can be a small part of supporting the next generation of singers.”

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