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Thanks for supporting learners and Capitol Lakes residents!

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Dr. Ann Braus is Capitol Lakes' Health Center Medical Director and the head of a unique program providing interdisciplinary instruction to Capitol Lakes staff as well as medical students, residents and fellows from the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health. The Interprofessional Post-Acute Care Education – or IPACE – program provides innumerable benefits to our staff and residents, as well as future doctors.

"When I came to Capitol Lakes in 2019 I was beyond excited for the chance to start a formal education program that brings nurses, CNAs, social workers, pharmacists, and UW-Madison trainees together to help optimize care for residents of the Health Center,” relates Dr. Braus. “And the investment has paid off not just for our leaners, but for our Health Center residents as well. Working together we’ve been able to make small changes to protocols that make big differences – particularly in reducing the number of people who need to be sent to the hospital."

This innovative program has been successful, but it is an investment. In June we came to you with a request to help us raise $30,000 so that we could provide grants over the next three years to offset the total cost of IPACE in 2023 and beyond.

Thanks to your generosity, we EXCEEDED our goal - raising nearly $40,000 for the program!

Your commitment means:

  • Capitol Lakes’ staff will continue to learn from weekly, personal instruction with Dr. Braus as well as monthly educational presentations on important topics in rehab and long-term care.

  • UW-Madison medical students, residents and fellows will still be able to do rounds in Capitol Lakes’ Health Center giving them an important perspective about the patient experience there.

  • Capitol Lakes Health Center rehab patients, long-term care residents and Assisted Living residents will benefit from an informed care team that is working across disciplines to improve their quality of life.

We are so grateful to you for caring so deeply about learners and residents at Capitol Lakes. Check out this video from Dr. Braus appreciating your support as well:

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