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Showing Respect: Replacing the Flag on the Henry St. Patio

In 1992 a donor gave $1,000 in a restricted fund to ensure that new flags would always be available to fly over the building now known as Capitol Lakes. 30 years later, when residents noticed the flag on the Henry St. patio looking worn, that long ago gift was put into action.

“I was not only so grateful we could help replace the flag,” recounts Foundation Director, Lenee Kruse, “but that we could honor this donor’s intention so many years later. My records only reveal the donor’s initials. I wish I knew their name or that I could share their story. But what I do know – through their gift – is that showing respect for our country and community was important to them. I’m glad we could show respect back to ‘RC’ by flying this new flag in 2022.”

The Capitol Lakes Foundation Board is committed to honoring donor intent and putting gifts into action. We are grateful to all those who make annual gifts to enhance the living experience for our community and those like ‘RC’ who make lasting legacy gifts to support Capitol Lakes in the decades to come.

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