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Opportunities for Staff Growth Benefit Residents

Dawn Vandre, Capitol Lakes’ Therapeutic Recreation Director and Volunteer Coordinator, is often on the move. On any given day you can find her leading a Mardi Gras celebration, coordinating a music therapy program for our memory care patients, or transporting residents to one of the many activities she has organized.

A recreational therapist for 8 ½ years, Dawn enhances the quality of life for our patients and residents every day. Studies have shown that meaningful leisure and recreation leads to increased happiness in life.

With your support, the Capitol Lakes Foundation was pleased to award Dawn a scholarship to attend the Midwest Symposium on Therapeutic Recreation – a full, three day conference hosted by Northwest Missouri State University.

Since coming back from Missouri, Dawn has implemented:

  • A weekly drumming group to rave reviews

  • Yoga and Tai Chi for neurological patients

  • A Therapeutic Recreation Internship Program

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