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Serving Up Fun: Ping Pong Comes to Capitol Lakes!

Capitol Lakes Foundation Director, Lenee Kruse, tries to keep her door open as often as possible when she’s in the office. “I love to see and visit with people which I couldn’t do if my door was closed, but also many projects the Foundation has funded have come through casual conversations I’ve had with residents passing by my office. It’s when you hear multiple residents talking about the same project you know there might be an opportunity to do something impactful.”

When Lenee and her colleague, Natasha Killian – Capitol Lakes Resident Services Director, heard several residents request a ping pong table they knew this could be one of those chances to do something special for Capitol Lakes’ residents.

Emily Ingalls, Capitol Lakes Wellness Center Manager, agreed. “Table tennis has a number of great physical benefits in addition to just being a fun, social game. It improves hand-eye coordination and reflexes. Depending on how competitive you play, it can even help burn calories in a way that is not too hard on your joints or your body. I’m so grateful to the Foundation for bringing this opportunity to campus.”

When you live at Capitol Lakes each day serves up a new moment of fun. Enjoy the game!

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