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Therapeutic Drumming Connects our Campus

Each week residents from across our campus find their way to the Sun Room on the Plaza Level of Capitol Lakes. Some come alone – others bring their family or a caregiver. All choose a drum from a stash that our Therapeutic Recreation Director, Dawn Vandre, has squirrelled away.

When I started the Therapeutic Drumming group and was inviting people to participate I’ll be honest – the most common response was laughter followed by at least one resident asking ‘Is this for real?’ 9 months later I still hear laughter, but it’s from residents across our continuum of care enjoying each other’s company.”

Dawn learned about the benefits of Therapeutic Drumming at a symposium she attended with the help of a Capitol Lakes Foundation scholarship. Clinical studies have shown drumming therapy reduces anxiety and stress while improving motor skills in a highly accessible way. Anyone, regardless of ability, can participate and Dawn has found that interest has only grown over time.

“This therapy – perhaps more than any other program on campus – brings people together. It’s awesome to see Health Center residents and patients connecting with our Independent Living and Assisted Living residents. And I love that this therapy also creates a meaningful way for families, caregivers, and staff to participate. In our drumming circle, we’re all one community.”

Whether you’re at Capitol Lakes for two weeks as a rehab patient or you’ve lived here for ten years YOU are an integral part of what makes our community so special. Thanks to Dawn for giving us an opportunity to connect with each other!

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