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Bloom and Grow Garden Provides Engagement and Enjoyment

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

In early 2020 Victoria Scarpita - then an intern at Capitol Lakes' Health Center - had an idea to start a therapeutic garden for Health Center residents and patients that could eventually be enjoyed by all residents and staff. The pandemic disrupted her plans.

Over a year later Victoria - now a staff member at Capitol Lakes - resurrected the idea as a way to engage with residents after a long year of lock downs. "There is a great deal of scientific research into the benefits of therapy gardens," Scarpita relates, "and we felt it would be particularly beneficial for residents coming out of Covid."

The garden - now fully in bloom - began with residents and staff working together to build accessible planters. After the planters were built staff worked with residents to plant marigolds, vines, petunias, dianthus, various greenery plants, various pansy colors, zinnia, dahlia, as well as 2 tomato plants. Altogether the garden contains 3 large raised beds, 4 small pots for tables, and 4 movable large planters/pots that are wheelchair height.

"The planning and planting of the garden provided a wonderful engagement opportunity for residents," says Scarpita, "and now it's a source for enjoyment for our entire community. I am so grateful to the Foundation for providing the funding that made our Bloom and Grow Garden a reality."

Thanks to you, we are enhancing the living experience for Health Center residents.

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