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Building Community: A 45 Year History

In December 1975 nine residents entered the new facility, now known as Capitol Lakes. 45 years later, three current Capitol Lakes' residents sought to map our community's story from that point until today.

Those residents - Marjory Lyford, Norma Madsen, and M.J. Wiseman - edited a special 45th anniversary edition of the Center Post - a resident driven publication that comes out about once a month. As they state in the prologue they published the edition "with the hope that it will help current residents appreciate more fully....the Native American people on whose land we now inhabit.....the founders of our retirement community....and the great multitude of board members, staff members, employees and resident volunteers, who for 45 years have strived to create and maintain this exemplary place in which we live."

Your Foundation was proud to provide funding to print this special edition so that new and existing residents and staff can appreciate the rich history of our community. We look forward to what the next 45 years will bring.

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