Confronting a Crisis: Capitol Lakes Community Comes Together

Updated: Sep 24

The Capitol Lakes community has always been close-knit with strong relationships among residents and between residents and staff. So it really wasn’t a surprise to see how the community has come together during the Covid-19 pandemic. Capitol Lakes’ staff have consistently shown up every day to serve our residents and in turn our residents have shown up to take care of them.

As early as mid-March concerned residents approached Capitol Lakes’ leaders and the Capitol Lakes Foundation about raising support for staff in need. The resulting Pandemic Support Campaign has raised nearly $55,000 to provide the following emergency support for employees in need:

  • Housing expenses: to help with rent or mortgage payments to avoid eviction or foreclosure

  • Transportation: to aid with car repairs or to fund alternate transportation to ensure staff can make it in to work

  • Health Insurance: to cover an employee’s share of their health insurance premiums if they have been furloughed

  • Utility Payments: to prevent utilities being disconnected

So far this fiscal year the Capitol Lakes Foundation has disbursed over $35,000 in emergency aid - nearly 4X the amount we disburse in a normal fiscal year. We expect to disburse everything that has been raised in the coming months as this crisis continues.

The Covid-19 pandemic has illuminated what we already knew: that Capitol Lakes is a community that stands together and helps each other. Together, we’ll make it through this crisis and continue to enhance the living experience.

The Pandemic Support Campaign is making a big impact for our employees in need.

Here are some recent notes of thanks we received:

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with this money. I am grateful every day to be surrounded by amazing residents and to have the opportunity to work at Capitol Lakes. The residents are why I do what I do. You're incredibly kind and generous people, and you will not be forgotten. Thank you again, this little act has a big impact in my life."

"Thank you so much for your generosity and support during these hard times. Now I will be able to focus less on the stress of financial burdens and more on studying to be a nurse and working as a CNA. Capitol Lakes is such an amazing place to work for and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that I have to help brighten the days of each and every one of my residents."

"Thank you guys so much for helping me in my time of need. This is really appreciated by myself and my children."

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