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Cycling without Age: It’s more than a feeling of freedom!

Several years ago, the Capitol Lakes Foundation was approached by a staff member with an innovative idea – to invest in a rickshaw as a way to give residents across our campus an increased sense of mobility and freedom.

Since that time and with your help, we have been able to expand our support for this tremendous program. We purchased a safety step for the rickshaw to make it more accessible for our residents and health center patients. We also acquired an additional battery to ensure no one was stranded on the return trip!

Perhaps most significantly, we listened carefully to residents who had an interest in seeing how far our rickshaw could go. We are proud that with your support we were able to add a trailer to our Cycling without Age program. Now our residents not only have the ability to access trails in downtown Madison, but can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of trails and nature areas around the city and region as well.

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