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Enhancing the Living Experience for Residents with Low Vision

Capitol Lakes resident and Foundation Board Director, Carol Toussaint, is always listening. "As a Board Member of the Capitol Lakes Foundation I've found that we have the biggest impact when we listen to residents and meet them where their needs are. That's why I was so pleased the Foundation could sponsor a presentation by the Wisconsin Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired in June to support our residents with low vision."

The presentation was led by Jean Kalschuer, Vision Rehabilitation Teacher, and drew over 25 residents interested in the services and resources available in the Madison area for persons with vision loss. Jean also showcased some adaptive products to help those with low vision.

"I'm grateful to the Wisconsin Council of the Blind for coming to Capitol Lakes," says Capitol Lakes Foundation Director Lenee Kruse. "The number of people who attended demonstrates the need in our community. As we look ahead I've personally reached out to all those who attended to see how the Foundation can continue to support those experiencing vision loss. I am particularly grateful to our donors who give us the flexibility to lend help to all who need it."

As for Carol, she continues to listen in an effort to take effective action. "This Foundation truly belongs to the residents of Capitol Lakes and I hope that all those who see areas where Foundation funding could make a difference will reach out to let us know. This presentation and the ideas it generated for future support came out of a conversation I had during lunch at the Henry Street Cafe. The positive impact we can have for those who live and work here is only limited by our imagination."

Thanks to you, we enhance the living experience together.

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