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Helping Kids in Dane County

Updated: Jun 25

Your Capitol Lakes Foundation is always looking for opportunities to benefit our residents while reaching out as good neighbors to our larger community. That’s why we were so excited to host RSVP Dane County in Capitol Lakes’ Grand Hall in October 2022.

Representatives from RSVP, or Retired Senior Volunteer Program, came to Capitol Lakes to share information on their Computer Buddy program. This opportunity brings generations together by pairing an older adult volunteer with an elementary school student for a pen pal relationship – with a modern twist. Instead of mailing letters, volunteers and students communicate via a computer app. And while the medium may be different, the benefits of the correspondence stand the test of time. Not only is it a great way for students to improve their writing skills, but volunteers and students report that it’s fun to get to know each other and rewarding to create relationships with someone from a different generation.

In May, volunteers and students came together for an end-of-school-year party. According to Kate Seal with RSVP:

The party was so much fun. It was quite a special affair to see the kids light up when they met their senior volunteer buddy face to face for the first time, after months of blogging. We gave each student a blanket and pillow set and the students, in return, gave their computer buddy a homemade thank you card (they were PRECIOUS). The students and seniors partnered up for most of the celebration, embracing quality time together and working on fun get-to-know-you activities and puzzles. It was perfect.

We remain grateful to our resident volunteer and to RSVP Dane County for organizing such a worthwhile program. If you’re interested in getting involved for a future semester please contact Capitol Lakes Foundation Director, Lenee Kruse, at for additional information.

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