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Picking Up Where We Left Off: Ping Pong Returns to Capitol Lakes

In early 2020 your Capitol Lakes Foundation purchased a ping pong table after receiving several resident requests and reading about the benefits playing table tennis can have on older adults. After several weeks of enjoyable play, Covid tabled the game for the next two years.

Finally, in March 2022 –with the latest surge in the rearview mirror – Foundation Director, Lenee Kruse, dug the table out of storage and resumed games for interested residents each Friday afternoon through at least the end of April. A core group of committed players come each week – along with fans and one adorable mascot.

Resident Services Director, Natasha Killian, and Wellness Center Manager, Emily Ingalls, also plan to use the table during some of their weekly groups for residents with memory issues. “I was the one who requested the Foundation purchase the ping pong table all those years ago,” says Killian, “because I read that playing not only has physical benefits, but is particularly beneficial for individuals living with dementia. I’m beyond grateful that we are at a point where we can again take advantage of the investment the Foundation made for our residents and community.”

Ping pong is just one way that you help enhance the living experience for all those who call Capitol Lakes their home. Thanks to you, we can play it forward.

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