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Supporting Sojourners

For the last 9 years, the Capitol Lakes Sojourners - formerly known as the Interfaith Group - have hosted a breakfast for Capitol Lakes residents. In addition to great food, the committee - led by Chaplain Guta Cvetkovic - always invites a compelling speaker to share thoughts and spark conversation. The Capitol Lakes Foundation has been a long-time sponsor of the event and this year was proud to provide the speaker fee to James Morgan, Peer Support Specialist at Just Dane.

Speaking to a full house - extra tables needed to be added to accommodate the crowd - James spoke of his 25 years in prison, those who supported him when he was released, and how he's now giving back to the community.

"I was grateful to James for coming to Capitol Lakes to spur a conversation on justice issues and to give a roadmap of how to reach out with grace and compassion to those coming out of the prison system," relates Chaplain Guta. "I'm also grateful to the Foundation and their donors for consistently supporting our annual breakfasts and other events. It's a great benefit to our residents to listen to speakers like James without having to leave their home."

Bringing community speakers to Capitol Lakes is just one way your Foundation seeks to enhance the living experience for our residents. We are grateful to those who give so generously to make these opportunities possible.

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